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Dreamliners’ nightmare week ends in FAA grounding

Last week the pilot of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing when a problem was discovered with a lithium ion battery on the plane. In response, Federal Aviation Administration regulators ordered Boeing to temporarily ground all 787s until they can develop a corrective action plan.

The emergency was the last straw in a series of recent Dreamliner problems. In the past weeks, a fire caused by a battery, a cracked windscreen in the cockpit and tests showing fuel leaks have plagued the aircraft, which has been touted as being very modern and fuel-efficient.

When people step aboard an airplane they are putting their trust and their well-being in the hands of the aircraft manufacturer, the pilots and the crew. They do that with the assumption that the planes are safe to fly and that any crewmembers are trained and competent to protect their safety.

When airlines, crewmembers or manufacturers fail to deliver on that trust and it results in injury, a claim for liability may arise. Of course, sometimes accidents happen that are unpreventable but if a plane crash is the fault of an unsafe plane or a person’s negligence they may be held responsible for any damages, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or funeral costs.

If you or someone you care about have been injured – or even killed – in an aviation accident, consider contacting a personal injury attorney with experience in related matters. He or she can help you understand your legal rights and pursue any claims, representing your interests so you can focus on recovering and getting back to your life.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “FAA regulators ground all Boeing 787 Dreamliners,” Tiffany Hsu and Hugo Martin, Jan. 16, 2013

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