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Distracted drivers may be liable for car accidents

In the modern world, you face constant opportunities for distraction whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not only must you contend with large billboards or other roadside displays that compete for your attention, you must resist the urge to use your cellular device while driving, which many people still choose to do. Even without these modern inconveniences, there are always distractions on the road for those who do not practice focused driving.

Unfortunately, distracted driving is potentially life-threatening. Even newer model efficiency vehicles that boast impressive fuel economy are heavy, dangerous machines made to travel at extremely high speeds compared to what our human bodies are naturally designed to withstand. Even a minor car accident can cause serious injury or death depending on the circumstances.

What if I have a car accident because I drove distracted?

The truth is, when it comes to distractions, the only way to win is to not play. If you think that you can simply manage your sources of distraction more responsibly, you’re setting yourself up for failure and may cause serious property damage or personal injury along the way.

It is far wiser and safer to consider just how dangerous it is to drive distracted and remove sources of distraction when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. In many ways, distracted driving is similar to drunk driving in that it regularly causes serious accidents, and most people who do it assume they won’t suffer the consequences.

If you do experience a car accident because you allowed something to distract you from your responsibilities behind the wheel, the police who investigate the accident or the other driver may claim that you caused the accident through your negligent behavior. In some cases, you could face full liability for the accident, which may entail thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages and personal injury expenses.

What if the other driver drove distracted?

If you experience a car accident and believe that the other driver caused or contributed to the accident because they were distracted while driving, then you may have grounds for a personal injury claim to recover your medical expenses and other losses from the accident.

Be sure to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who understands how to build comprehensive claims that fully represent your losses and the scope of your recovery. An experienced attorney protects your rights, allowing you to remain focused on your recovery while fighting for fair compensation.

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