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Delay in lawsuit against Louisiana attorney general

In the last post, we talked about the lawsuit against the attorney general of Louisiana, Buddy Caldwell. The suit, filed by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, started on Monday, Feb. 24. The president of LOGA, Don Briggs, did not appear at court on either Monday or Tuesday, even though the judge hearing the case threatened to have him arrested on a bench warrant.

Briggs reportedly has very high blood pressure, though. His heart doctor provided the court with medical records indicating that Briggs’ health was not good enough for him to testify. It is believed that Briggs will testify that many companies in the energy sector aren’t coming into the state because of the current litigation. However, there is a transcript of Briggs saying in a deposition before trial that he didn’t have proof of those claims. The case is not set to be heard again until March 10.

LOGA believes that Attorney General Caldwell did not have the authority to allow the Southeast Louisiana Flood Authority-East to hire an outside council for their lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies. LOGA believes that the attorney general’s should have represented the levee board. The SLFPA-E’s lawsuit seeks reparations for the injury and damage to the state’s coastal areas — specifically the wetlands. The levee board’s lawsuit contends that the oil and gas industry should pay for the damage because it was caused by dredging operations and the building of pipelines and canals.

Environmental claims are often settled through litigation. These cases call for experienced environmental attorneys in order to have the best chance at a positive outcome.

Source: The Town Talk, “Louisiana lawsuit seeking to uproot suit against oil companies delayed” Mike Hasten, Feb. 25, 2014

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