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Complaint filed by Louisiana state senator against judge

The lawsuit filed by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association against Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has met with several issues in just two days’ worth of hearings. As we discussed last week, the case was postponed because the president of LOGA was not considered healthy enough to testify.

LOGA’s lawsuit against Caldwell alleges that the Attorney General’s office did not have the authority to approve the use of outside counsel for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East’s lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies. LOGA alleges that the Attorney General’s office should represent the SLFPA-E in the lawsuit.

However, now the judge hearing LOGA’s case has had a complaint filed against her. The complaint was filed by Senator Robert Adley, who is also the same senator who has submitted legislation for this session that would require the SLFPA-E to have the permission of the Attorney General and Gov. Bobby Jindal to hire outside counsel. Gov. Jindal has not made any qualms about his opposition to the levee board’s lawsuit.

The complaint the senator has filed states that the judge has a conflict of interest in hearing the LOGA case against Caldwell. He alleges that some of the lawyers representing the SLFPA-E hosted a fundraising event for the judge. One of the attorneys said that he didn’t attend the event; he only hosted it. It was planned approximately three to four months ago, according to the attorney, which was before the judge was even assigned to hear the case.

LOGA’s case will continue, although it is not clear where the complaint stands at this time.

Environmental attorneys may be able to help those who have had difficulties getting the results they want to help save or preserve the environment. In the case of the SLFPA-E’s lawsuit, the levee board wishes to hold the oil and gas companies responsible for the damage and injury to the state’s coastal regions.

Source: The Advocate, “State senator files complaint against levee board case judge” Marsha Shuler, Mar. 04, 2014

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