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Mariner Falls On Ship, Files Jones Act Lawsuit In Louisiana

People who work on ships have reasonable expectations that the owner of the ship will keep the ship in good working condition in order to help prevent injuries. One mariner has filed a lawsuit in the 24th Judicial District Court in Louisiana against Liberty Maritime...

Jones Act lawsuit filed over alleged fall on oily steps

A seaman in Louisiana's neighboring state of Mississippi has filed a Jones Act lawsuit after he says his employer failed to maintain a safe work environment. The lawsuit lists several other claims, including the failure of the employer to properly train employees,...

Diving Company Removed From Jones Act Lawsuit

In June 2012, a ship's captain filed a Jones Act lawsuit against his employer, Associated Marine Services (AMS), and International Divers, claiming he suffered an injury to his left shoulder because of inadequate communication with the ship's deck hands. On May 22,...

SEMS II rules announced to improve oil rig safety

SEMS II rules announced to improve oil rig safety

Long shifts, heavy machinery and combustible chemicals all contribute to making the offshore oil and gas industry one of the most dangerous for workers. The Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill provided a vivid example to oil rig workers, the oil and...

Cruise Lines Urged To Adopt Passenger “Bill of Rights”

Cruise ships have come under fire in the media lately in light of a series of mishaps on cruise ships. First, the Costa Concordia disaster grabbed headlines. And, more recently, a Carnival cruise ship was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico after a fire wiped out the...

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