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Jones Act Protects Independent Contractors Too

For the many men and women that work on the open water, the Jones Act is a pretty familiar term. It offers protection against death or injury while working for an employer while at sea. In that respect, it mimics some of the same qualities as workers' compensation...

What is the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act?

What is the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act?

Working on the Louisiana docks as a longshoreman can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it's also one of the toughest and most dangerous. Employers have an obligation to keep the workplace as safe as possible to avoid injuries on the job, but that's...

The Jones Act And Injuries Caused By Ships

When Louisiana workers suffer serious personal injuries as a result of an accident caused by a ship or other vessel, their claims are governed by the Jones Act, which is a federal component of maritime and admiralty law, rather than under the state's personal injury...

What is the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act?

What is the ‘Death On The High Seas Act?’

The Death on the High Seas Act is a federal law that was passed in 1920 seeking to regulate the process of legal redress for wrongful death actions that have their origin in the international waters between countries. It has been substantially and controversially...

How The LHWCA Applies to Louisiana Workers

Longshore and harbor workers in Louisiana may benefit from understanding the workers' compensation laws that apply to their position. Many of these individuals are covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. This piece of legislation financially...

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