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Birth defects and birth injuries

Some of the most common and heartbreaking kinds of injuries that can arise from medical malpractice are birth injuries. Understandably, birth injuries can be devastating for new parents, who face a whole new host of challenges to care for and raise a child who has been injured either temporarily or permanently by subpar medical care.

It is important for all parents ad concerned parties to understand the difference between a birth injury and a birth defect. A birth injury is generally some form of harm that is suffered by an infant because of a failure on the part of medical personnel to provide the correct care during childbirth. This may mean that a doctor was negligent in his or her procedures or failed to respond properly to complications in the delivery when they arose. In contrast, a birth defect refers to some issue that occurred before birth took place, somewhere in the course of the pregnancy.

A birth defect may still be the responsibility of your care provider, depending on the circumstances. It is possible that your child has suffered injury because of improper prenatal care. For instance, there are many kinds of medications that have been demonstrated to cause birth defects, and some of these medications were actually brought to the market specifically for expecting mothers. If, for instance, your prenatal care provider compelled you to use a medication that was damaging to your child, then you might successfully pursue damages from them.

Each instance of injury to an infant is different and must be pursued carefully and knowledgeably. If you believe that your child has suffered from harmful care, either during pregnancy or in the birthing process, then you should not hesitate to seek help in fighting for justice. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can evaluate your experience and create a plan to pursue justice while ensuring that your rights remain protected.

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