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Being a drowsy driver increases the risk of a car crash

Drivers in Louisiana know that there are certain dangers when out on the road. While encountering a driver who is operating his or her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a common reason for a car crash, other behaviors and circumstances are also prone to place people in jeopardy of personal injury and death. One is driving while drowsy. New studies have indicated how dangerous it can be for drivers to get behind the wheel when they are tired and particularly for others on the road who might come across these drowsy drivers.

AAA has conducted research into drowsy driving. They say that drivers who miss between two and three hours of sleep on a daily basis can multiply their risk of a car crash by four in comparison to those who sleep for seven hours. Federal regulators say that the dangers inherent from driving while drowsy are tantamount to those who drive drunk. AAA has started encouraging people to make certain that drivers are as alert as they can be when getting behind the wheel. When surveyed, one-third of drivers admit that they drive when they are having trouble staying awake.

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