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Baton Rouge bicycle accident caused by two-time drunk driver

Anyone who can drive in Louisiana knows that drunk driving is not only illegal, but that it is extremely dangerous. That does not stop, however, some people from getting behind the wheel after having far too many drinks. For those drunk drivers who have been arrested and convicted of drunk driving once, they will generally learn their lesson and not put others’ lives at risk again by driving drunk. But, sadly, there are also some drivers who become repeat drunk drivers.

In Louisiana, anyone who has a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher can be arrested and charged with driving while under the influence. A 28-year-old Louisiana man has recently been arrested and charged with DWI for the second time after he apparently drove with a blood alcohol level that was nearly four times the legal limit. This recklessly dangerous driver caused an accident that has left the two car accident victims and their families grasping for answers.

On Jan. 21, the driver was reportedly driving along Perkins Road in Baton Rouge when he smashed into two men who were riding their bicycles. Sadly, one of the men was killed on impact and the other was severely injured. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and almost two months later he is still struggling to recover.

The surviving bicyclist’s injuries include a broken pelvis, hip, femur and ankle. Because his pelvis was completely shattered, it must be held together by a metal brace. His hip and femur are also pinned.

The man’s injuries are extremely serious and he is still unable to walk, much less work. On the two-month anniversary of his accident, he will see whether he is ready to start physical therapy, but since he can barely wiggle his toes, it is unclear if he will be ready.

Source: WAFB 9, “Cyclist’s road to recovery after being hit by accused drunk driver,” Cheryl Mercedes and Amber Stegall, March 6, 2012

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