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Authorities investigate Louisiana helicopter accident

Imagine a loved one boarding a train, plane or car and heading out for a trip. If something happened and the family member tragically died, what would you do? Many Louisiana families would be rightfully upset, wondering what caused the accident. While it is certainly necessary to grieve, a family who has experienced a fatal accident may also find it important to file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold someone responsible for a loved one’s death.

Recently, a Louisiana man lost his life after the Robinson R44 Helicopter he was riding in crashed in southern Louisiana. The helicopter had left the Houma-Terrebonne airport approximately one hour before it inexplicably crashed, but the Federal Aviation Administration and Coast Guard are investigating the accident.

Sadly, the helicopter passenger, who had worked for the company that owned the helicopter for many years, died in the accident. The company insists that the man was not on a work trip, but it may be that the company wants to distance itself from the accident. Since no one claims to know why the employee was traveling or where he was going in a company helicopter, it is possible that he was on a business-related trip.

While this accident remains somewhat of a mystery, someone is to blame for this 42-year-old Louisiana man’s death. It may take the Coast Guard and the FAA some time to determine whether it was the pilot’s error or some kind of mechanical malfunction, but this man’s family has a right to hold whoever failed to care for the helicopter or follow proper safety procedures accountable for his untimely death.

Source: Upstream Online, “Louisiana helicopter crash kills two,” Kathrine Schmidt, Jan. 19, 2012

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