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ATA releases update on safety plan

Four years ago the American Trucking Association released a list of 20 safety priorities aimed at reducing truck accidents on America’s roads. Cutting down on accidents would not only protect truckers, but everyone who shares the road with them.

A recent report from the ATA identified substantial process on more than half of those 20 steps, showing a broad trend toward improved trucking safety. Some areas that saw improvement include the safe use of technology to combat distracted driving, nationally certifying medical examiners who determine whether truckers are fit for the road and a system for prescreening potential drivers.

However, the president of the ATA stressed that there is still work to be done. It is important to celebrate these accomplishments but the trucking industry can still make more progress on their quest for accident-free roads.

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Source: BLR, “Truck association cites progress on safety agenda,” Feb. 14, 2013

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