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ATV’s and Safety Concerns

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) like four-wheelers and three-wheelers are a fun way to explore the great outdoors. Recreational enthusiasts, hunters, farmers, outdoor workers, beach workers and families use these devices for both work and play. However, aside from their entertainment and use value, these vehicles can pose serious risks to their users.

In 2015, 98,000 people in the United States required emergency room care because of their ATV injuries. In one notable case that occurred here in Louisiana last year, entertainer Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter suffered serious injuries in an ATV accident while on a hunting expedition with family members.

The most dangerous part of using an ATV

The most dangerous part of using an ATV relates to the risk of it flipping or rolling over. ATV drivers and passengers could be thrown out of their vehicles after going over a tiny pothole or bump, and the ATV could also flip over, crushing the driver and passengers.

Another problem with ATVs is the misconception by users that passengers can ride safely on the back. In fact, most ATVs were not created to safely transport passengers. Additionally, most were designed for off-road conditions, meaning they’re not very stable for use on normal roadways.

Children are particularly at risk of getting hurt on ATVs because they tend to lack the coordination and strength to control them properly. Also, teenagers are at risk of injuries because they are prone to taking risks that end up causing them to get hurt.

A few things to keep in mind when using an ATV

ATV enthusiasts need to use these responsibly by:

  • Always wearing a helmet and proper footwear.
  • Not carrying passengers
  • Reading the instruction manuals
  • Learning local and state regulations
  • Conducting safety training and practice sessions for all new drivers
  • Not allowing children to operate ATVs
  • Teaching teens safety rules regarding ATV operation
  • Not driving an ATV while intoxicated
  • Bringing a communication device along on ATV trips

What to do after an ATV injury

After an ATV injury, the most important thing to do is seek the medical attention required to treat the injuries. Next, victims may want to investigate what went wrong leading up to the crash. There are a variety of circumstances in which ATV accident victims can pursue financial claims to seek money to pay for treatment of their injuries.

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