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5 Mistakes You Can Make After a Car Accident in Louisiana

When you get into a car accident, there are certain things you need to do. If you don’t do these things, you not only endanger yourself, but you also jeopardize any chance you have at recovery. Any Lake Charles car accident lawyer will tell you, there are certain mistakes you can make after a car accident. In order for your lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve, they need you to do a few things.

The main three things you need to do after a car wreck in Louisiana are:

  • Call the police
  • Go to the hospital
  • Call an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Charles

This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t take these simple steps.

But beyond the basics, there are other mistakes you can make that will jeopardize your lawsuit. Some of these mistakes can’t be fixed later on. That’s why it’s important that you follow this advice, regardless of how minor your accident may be.

Mistake #1: You Agree to Not Call the Police

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is agreeing to not call the police. Sometimes, the other driver will ask you not to call them. They’ll offer to give you their insurance information. They may even promise to cover your damages.

Don’t agree to this. There’s never a good reason to avoid calling the police. The other driver could be asking you not to call the police for several reasons, including:

  • They don’t have a valid driver’s license
  • They’ve no insurance
  • They have active warrants
  • They’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Mistake #2: You Refuse Medical Advice

People have all different reasons for not going to the hospital. You may not think you’re hurt. Or, you just want to get to work rather than sit around an emergency room all day. Don’t make this mistake.

If you don’t go to the hospital, you’ll have no idea if you’re injured. You could have internal injuries or a traumatic brain injury. Plus, if you don’t go to the hospital, your Lake Charles car accident lawyer has no way to prove you were hurt.

The defendant’s attorney will claim that something other than the accident caused your injuries. This will make it hard for you to win your case. With no medical records to back up your claim, you not be able to recover for your injuries.

Mistake #3: You Admit Fault

Even if you think you’re partially at fault for the accident, don’t say so. A lot of people try to make idle chitchat with the other driver while they’re waiting for the cops. People tend to be apologetic. This could just because you hate confrontation.

Anything you say at the crash scene, to the other driver or the police, can be used in your claim. The police report is going to be used by the insurance company to determine fault. It will also be used by the court. If their report states that you admitted you caused the accident, your lawyer will have their hands tied.

Mistake #4: You Post About Your Accident on Social Media

Today, it seems like people can’t survive without Facebook and Instagram. Don’t post anything about your accident. Any pictures you post or comments you right can be used against you. So can comments by your friends.

Even if you post something about the accident as a joke, it can be used in court. Don’t make your car accident lawyer’s job any harder than it already is.

Mistake #5: You Don’t File Your Insurance Claim Right Away

You only have a certain amount of time before you have to file your insurance claim. Most companies will simply say you must do so within a “reasonable” time. They don’t like to say what constitutes a reasonable time.

In our experience, you need to file your claim within a few days of the accident. This is for practical reasons more so than technical reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • You want to be the first one to submit your claim
  • You want to show that you’re serious
  • It gives the defendant less time to come up with their story

Contact a Lake Charles Auto Accident Attorney Right Away

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not calling a Lake Charles car accident attorney right away. You don’t want to try to handle this yourself. You have no idea if your claim will be paid. If not, you want an experienced attorney by your side to handle the appeal.

Call today and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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