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Woman killed in Louisiana when driver rear-ends her

Tragedy has struck a small town outside of New Orleans after an out-of-state driver smashed into the back of her car, killing her on impact. The woman’s passenger was also injured and rushed to the hospital. Though the driver was arrested and faces criminal charges in this fatal car accident, the 19-year-old woman’s family may wish to file a wrongful death against the driver, as well.

Unfortunately, a wrongful death won’t bring a Louisiana car accident victim back, but it allows family members to get a sense of justice for punishing the individual who took their loved one away in a horrific accident. Moreover, family members are entitled to financial compensation for their loss and should be able to get the money they need to move forward. Though it may be difficult to do so after losing someone, it is important to contact a wrongful death lawyer to discuss what legal options are possible.

This woman was driving on Interstate 12 in Slidell when she slowed and stopped for traffic. Instead of slowing himself, the driver of a Dodge pickup truck continued driving at a high rate of speed until he slammed into the back of her small Mazda.

The 19-year-old did not make it, but her passenger did. She was admitted to a local hospital with serious injuries. It is unclear whether she is expected to survive or what kind of damage was done in the accident.

As the families of both of the women move forward from this crash, they may want to hold this driver responsible for the pain and suffering he has caused.

Source: Associated Press, “Woodlands woman killed in Louisiana crash,” June 17, 2012

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