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Woman charged with vehicular homicide after accident in Louisiana

After a once-in-a-lifetime trip to watch their nephew play in the Super Bowl in New Orleans last weekend, the aunt and uncle of a San Francisco 49ers player were killed in a car accident. The couple was reportedly on Interstate 10 in St. Charles Parish early Monday morning when the car crash occurred.

According to a report, the couple was pulled over on the interstate’s shoulder when another vehicle that was allegedly driving very fast hit the back of the couple’s car. As soon as the cars collided, both vehicles erupted into flames. A report indicates that once the fire was put out, authorities pronounced both the husband and wife dead.

The woman driving the other vehicle incurred minor injuries. Now, she faces numerous charges for her actions in the early morning crash. In addition to two counts of vehicular homicide, the woman faces charges for a DWI and reckless operation of a vehicle. An investigation will determine whether the woman was actually under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

Even if the woman was not driving drunk, her driving resulted in the deaths of two people. The family members of this couple are likely still very shocked by their loved ones’ sudden deaths.

After a fatal accident like this, family members may want to consider filing a wrongful death claim. Many unexpected expenses can arise after a severe car accident. For instance, medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages can add up to an overwhelming amount of money. Receiving financial compensation after a severe accident will not eliminate the grief one feels after losing a loved one, but it may make managing one’s finances after an accident slightly less stressful.

Source: NFL News, “Delanie Walker’s aunt, uncle killed in car accident,” Chris Wesseling, Feb. 6, 2013

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