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Will product recall be enough to protect toddlers?

After a recent product recall, parents in New Iberia may be concerned that their toddlers could have been or may have been injured by a toddler-sized trampoline. The manufacturer of Little Jumpers Trampolines has recently said its trampolines are unsafe products and have asked anyone who has purchased the product, whether in Louisiana or in the rest of the country, to stop using the product and contact the manufacturer. It appears that the company will issue a replacement trampoline to those who have purchased the defective products.

It remains to be seen if the reason why the trampolines were so unsafe was because of a design defect or a manufacturing defect. A design defect is an issue with a product that could result in injury or death just by using the product as intended. There was something wrong with the design process that created an unsafe condition. A manufacturing defect happens when an otherwise safe product is made unsafe during the manufacturing process. This could be the result of faulty equipment or the failure of the manufacturer to properly check the quality of all products leaving its factory.

Regardless of why the trampolines have been recalled, it is important to know that Louisiana residents who have been injured by using the trampoline can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. The manufacturer has admitted that the handlebar on the front of the trampoline is faulty and has been breaking. This could cause a toddler to fall off of the trampoline, potentially causing serious injuries.

The people of New Iberia should not have to worry that they are purchasing unsafe products. Consumers should not be injured by the things they buy if they are using them correctly. If they are injured, however, they can speak with a product liability lawyer about what options they have available.

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