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Victim’s widow files wrongful death lawsuit after fatal beating

A St. Amant, Louisiana, woman is just trying to hold the men she feels are partially responsible for her husband’s death responsible with recent court filings. The woman is alleging that officials for the strip club outside of which her husband was fatally beaten should have to pay damages for the 28-year-old’s wrongful death. In May 2011, her husband was killed when an employee of the strip club got into an argument with him and started to hit, kick and jump on the man. Tragically, he died before he could get to the hospital.

The Ascension Parish sheriff’s office said that the then-20-year-old employee had been working for the strip club but that he was paid in alcoholic drinks instead of money, which is a criminal violation itself. According to law enforcement, the 20-year-old had gotten into a fight with one of the dancers and the bouncer had forced him outside. While he was standing outside, he got into an argument with the victim and started to punch him.

Though the bouncer separated the man from the victim, he soon broke free and started to jump on the victim’s head and continuously kicked him. Though the man was rushed to a Baton Rouge hospital, he did not survive the fatal wounds.

Now, the victim’s wife has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two officials with the strip club. The woman has asked for a jury trial and has asked that the two men pay damages. This is the second wrongful death lawsuit the men will face; the first was filed by the victim’s mother last year.

Source: CBS 9 WAFB, “Lawsuit filed in strip club beating death,” June 5, 2012

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