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Suspected drunk driver kills 5 in Louisiana car crash

It may be someone’s worst nightmare to lose several family members in a car crash. When the fatal car accident is caused because someone was reckless enough to drive drunk, it is absolutely heart-wrenching. If the driver had not been drinking, it is likely the accident never would have happened and no one would have lost loved ones because of a horrible decision. Sadly, these types of accidents continue to happen and it appears that a recent crash that took the lives of five Louisianans and seriously injured two others was caused by someone careless enough to drink and drive.

This accident happened near the town of Slaughter, Louisiana, just north of Baton Rouge. A car of seven people was traveling along Louisiana Highway 67, returning home from church when the 30-year-old suspected drunk driver crossed into oncoming traffic and smashed into the family’s 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis head-on. Tragically, three generations were killed in that accident, a grandmother, a mother and two grandchildren. A church parishioner also died in the crash.

Troopers with the Louisiana State Police and other emergency personnel arrived on the scene and many of them thought it was one of the worst accidents they had every seen. One passerby said that the front of the family’s car had been pushed into the back seat.

The five people who were fatally wounded died at the scene of the accident. The two teenage boys who were injured were rushed to the hospital, both with life-threatening injuries. The boys’ grandfather was told by doctors that one of the teens may not survive his injuries.

This fatal car accident is a horrific reminder of what drinking while driving can do. As the suspected drunk driver prepares to deal with a slew of criminal charges, the surviving family members will mourn the loss of their loved ones.

Source: 7 KLTV, “5 killed on their way home from church by suspected drunk driver,” June 2, 2012

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