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Some car accidents in Louisiana can be prevented by better choices

During our last post, we wrote about how the number of fatal car accidents in Louisiana has decreased over the last few years and how last year saw the lowest number of fatal car accidents in the state since statistics were first kept in the early 1980’s. While it is a relief to know that the number of deadly car accidents has been on the decline in our beloved state, individuals can still make better choices when it comes to some driving situations such as drinking and driving.

According to the 2010 Louisiana Annual Traffic Records Data Report over 80 percent of car accident deaths were caused by one of three factors: alcohol, aggressive driving or lack of seat belt use. The choice to drink and drive continues to plague the streets and roads of the state. Over 40 percent of car accident deaths last year involved alcohol.

A member of the Lafayette Police Department says that “people need to realize there are alternatives to getting behind the wheel drunk.” Drivers need to be aware that they are not only making a choice for themselves but they are also making a choice for other drivers and passengers on the road. The easiest way to prevent drunken driving is to identify a designated driver.

One popular program to prevent drunk driving in nearby Lafayette is the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Tipsy Taxi Program. The Tipsy Taxi Program offers patrons a safe ride home. Tipsy Taxi also offers people the chance to acquire vouchers that can be redeemed for free cab rides. The vouchers can be obtained at 200 participating bars and restaurants.

Sheriff’s offices and police departments also want drivers to know that law enforcement will be doing their job to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Source: theadvertiser.com, “Report: Traffic deaths caused by simple choices,” Tiffany Segura, Oct. 6, 2011

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