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Michael Jackson’s Wrongful Death Suit Saga Continues

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, recently refiled a wrongful death lawsuit against Michael’s former doctor Conrad Murray. The wrongful death suit was already rejected once by a federal court judge, and the lawsuit has now been refiled in California state court.

The lawsuit that Joe Jackson filed seeks unspecified damages from two defendants, Conrad Murray and Applied Pharmacy Services. Conrad Murray treated Michael at the time of his death. Murray reportedly gave Jackson the anesthetic propofol as sleep aide. Applied Pharmacy Services is the company that provided Dr. Conrad Murray with propofol. The civil lawsuit claims that Murray was negligent in his treatment of Michael Jackson because of the use of propofol and because he failed to inform paramedics and an emergency room doctor that he had given Michael the anesthetic. Applied Pharmacy Services is named as a defendant in the suit because Joe Jackson claims the company sold Dr. Murray extraordinary amounts of propofol to Dr. Murray.

Conrad Murray was the subject of a criminal case where he was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Conrad pled not guilty. Commenting on the wrongful death lawsuit which is a civil law case Conrad’s attorney said, “Dr. Murray has not been found guilty of anything.” Joe Jackson’s attorney has said that the facts surrounding Michael’s death have been slow to emerge and that there is still a lot of information to discover.

Michael Jackson’s mother has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company AEG Live. It is the concert promotion company that was responsible for Michael’s comeback tour. The lawsuit claims the company is responsible for Michael’s death because the company hired Murray, and the company and Murray were responsible for Michael’s medical care.

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