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Louisiana official believes space heaters caused two deaths

Space heaters can be found across Louisiana this winter, but should you have to worry about how safe the product is? If it is sold in stores, shouldn’t you be able to follow the directions and not be preoccupied about the danger of fire? The answer is, of course, yes. No one in Lake Charles should be in danger from their consumer products and if they are, they should be able to hold the manufacturer responsible for the unsafe product.

Tragically, two people have lost their lives outside of Enterprise, Louisiana, after they were trapped in their mobile home as it burned to the ground. The Louisiana Fire Marshal has said that he believes the family’s space heathers caused the fire, but he is continuing to investigate the fire. It may be difficult to completely confirm the space heaters caused the fire, however, because most of the evidence was destroyed in the fire, as well.

In addition to the horrific deaths of the two family members, a third family member was badly injured as he or she tried to save the two trapped inside their mobile home. Other family members who lived nearby called the fire department and vehicles from Enterprise and the not-too-distant Jonesville arrived on the scene. It was only after they were able to extinguish the fire that they discovered the bodies.

Although the Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office is continuing to investigate this Christmas Day fire, a sheriff’s deputy with the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office has ruled out foul play. He has said that it does not appear that there were any “suspicious circumstances” involved in the fire.

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