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Hip replacements from company at staggering 40 percent fail rate

Louisiana residents likely understand the kind of frustration and fear that come with learning about potential risks of a consumer product. Sometimes the risks aren’t so bad, but there are many cases when a product’s liability comes up that has seriously affected many people. One such case that may be of interest to those in Louisiana is the recent trail regarding one company’s hip implants having a significant amount of failures shortly after surgery.

Johnson & Johnson is a very well-known company which makes many great products, but a recent report explained their alleged knowledge of possible complications with a widely used hip implant of theirs. Some 40 percent of these implants are said to have failed to work properly for more than five years and many had to undergo surgery again to replace the faulty product. The company was reportedly conducting oversight analysis in 2011 in order to see how the product had been performing while simultaneously softening analysis findings from another organization.

The specific implant, called an Articular Surface Replacement, was manufactured by one of Johnson & Johnson’s orthopedic divisions and was reportedly recalled in 2010. The results of their internal survey will reportedly be disclosed publically at the trial’s beginning this week. It is said that this will be the first of some 10,000-plus such lawsuits regarding this product.

Louisiana residents who have used or been given dangerous or faulty products can understand the shock of finding out about this kind of information. It may help people in a similar situation to the one described above to seek out legal counsel in order to better understand their options regarding a products liability case and any potential for compensation.

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