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Four Loko to blame for driver’s wrongful death, car accident

One man’s decision to smoke marijuana, drink gin and have a Four Loko has left four other men dead. Four Loko, an alcoholic energy drink that was once sold in Louisiana, has since been banned by the federal Food and Drug Administration. Though the ban was due, in part, to accidents like these, it was too late to protect this father and his three sons.

A 22-year-old former student is facing criminal charges in the wrongful death of a father and of his three adult sons. According to police, the suspect had abused Four Loko and a few other intoxicating beverages before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle. While traveling 80 mph, the suspect blew through a red light and struck the father’s vehicle, as he and his family were visiting from out-of-town.

Now, the suspect is charged with four counts of DUI manslaughter. If convicted, he could spend 44 years to life behind bars. During a court hearing, the suspect pleaded guilty, but that may not be enough for the surviving members of this now broken family.

The accident is one of many that are bringing the dangers of energy drinks containing alcohol to light. Though the Food and Drug Administration banned the beverages two years ago, this deadly kind of drink had once been sold in Louisiana.

Alcoholic caffeinated drinks effect the body by making the consumer drunk, yet completely awake. In addition, the consumer often doesn’t realize how drunk he or she has become and will continue to drink. For some people, they will continue to drink until they have nearly fatal levels of alcohol in their system.

Normally, cans of Four Loko contain more than 10 percent of alcohol and can be more than 20 ounces. They contain approximately the same amount of alcohol as five drinks.

Source: FOX 13, “Driver pleads guilty in crash tied to Four Loko,” Steve Nichols, June 5, 2012

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