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First Actos trial ends in $6.5 million judgment against Takeda

With more than 1,200 lawsuits pending in a federal court in Louisiana against Takeda Pharmaceutical, a trial against the same drug manufacturer in California has garnered a great deal of attention. A jury has awarded $6.5 million to a patient because they feel the drug maker did not do enough to warn him of the increased risk of bladder cancer that came with taking Actos. This product liability case has been at trial for the last two months.

Actos is a drug used to treat diabetes and according to the plaintiff in the case, Takeda did not release information to the Federal Drug Administration about the possible risk of bladder cancer. The jury heard from one witness who testified about emails sent in 2005 by executives of Takeda Pharmaceutical that contained new information about the increased risk of cancer. The emails stated that employees would need to figure out a way to work with the FDA for a “positive outcome,” which might include a “worst-case scenario” of a warning label on the box.

The drug manufacturer asked the judge to throw the verdict out and while the judge has not ruled yet on that motion, it is likely that Takeda will appeal if it is denied. Takeda still maintains there is nothing to back any claim that Actos causes the cancer in question and states the company has continued to act responsibly. Actos has been pulled from the market in France and Germany, but in the U.S., the FDA has only required Takeda to place stronger warning language on the label. There is, however, a review by the FDA currently underway regarding Actos, and those results are expected sometime next year.

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