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Fans can relax; Justin Bieber’s car accident was minor

Celebrity magazines like to make comparisons between celebrities and everyday people. One popular section in celebrity magazines is the section that shows celebrities engage in everday activities like non-celebrities. As it turns out, celebrities, just like the rest of us can get into car accidents. Fans of Justin Bieber should not worry because the car accident the star pop singer got into was only a minor one.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Justin Bieber got into a minor fender bender this past Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley. Just like non-celebrities, celebrities also have to park their cars but unlike a non-celebrity’s car accident, paparazzi turned up afterward. It turns out celebrities may lead slightly different lives than their fans.

On Tuesday the 17-year-old pop sensation was driving his black Ferrari in an underground parking structure when another driver clipped his ride. As Bieber was navigating through the parking structure, another driver in a Honda Civic grew impatient and tried to get around the young driver. As the driver of the Civic tried to get around the singer, the front end of the Civic hit the back, left side of Bieber’s luxury car.

Fortunately, for the drivers and fans alike, no one was injured in the minor crash, and the Los Angeles Police Department also stated there was no damage to either vehicle as well.

Paparazzi immediately descended on the minor car accident scene as soon as it happened to report on the well-being of the singer. Bieber won an award from the MTV VMA’s two days before the accident.

Source: MTV.com, “Justin Bieber unhurt in minor car accident,” Gil Kaufman, Aug. 31, 2011

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