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Dangerous strollers recalled after children’s fingers amputated

As a parent, you try to find the safest products for your children, especially younger children. One thing that most parents in Louisiana can’t do without are strollers, but new information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission may have mothers and fathers in Lake Charles wondering just how safe their strollers are.

It seems a manufacturing defect in strollers produced by Kolcraft is causing very serious injuries across the United States. These strollers have been linked to two adults who have smashed their fingers and, much more frighteningly, three children who have had their fingertips amputated. It is unknown if any parents have filed product liability lawsuits against the stroller manufacturer, but as more reports of injured parents and children come in, it is more likely legal action will be taken.

The manufacturer has decided to recall the nearly 36,000 strollers that were sold during the last 6 years. Both the three- and four-wheeled strollers have been recalled and Kolcraft is sending repair kits to the individuals it knows own the affected strollers.

People are becoming injured when their fingers are caught while locking and unlocking the stroller. When a specific hinge mechanism is either locked or unlocked, an opening forms that traps the operator’s fingers.

For Louisiana parents with young children, this may sound like a nightmare. Luckily, if anything has happened there are legal options available to hold Kolcraft liable for the manufacturing defects. Speaking with a dangerous product attorney can help clarify what the next steps are in filing a product liability lawsuit.

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