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Contact with dog food leaves infant with salmonella

With the increase in the number of people buying in bulk, it is likely that many people in Lake Charles have purchased dog food from the bulk retail store. What many people may not realize, however, is that a popular dog food brand has been recalled because the allegedly dangerous product is causing salmonella. A new lawsuit has recently been filed alleging that the tainted dog food has claimed another victim — a 2-month-old boy.

The dog food had previously been linked to a relatively uncommon strain of salmonella, called salmonella infantis, and the manufacturer issued a recall in April. This has not prevented injuries, however, as the infant became exposed to the dangerous bacterium five days after the recall was first made public. The connection between the dog food and salmonella, however, first became apparent in 2011.

It is currently unknown how the child came in contact with the dog food and how the bacterium was transferred to him, but the manufacturer has said that some of the other people who had contracted this same strain of salmonella became sick after touching the food and not washing their hands. The lawyer for the infant’s family believes that the parents may have touched the food and then touched the child’s food.

Fortunately, the child has since recovered from his bout with salmonella, but the attorney says that he now will have to be monitored for kidney and liver damage. According to the attorney, the boy’s gastrointestinal tract was also severely damaged by the salmonella.

This story may shock some people in Louisiana and it should. No one should be afraid that buying something as innocuous as dog food could lead to serious illness or injury to the family pet or the children.

Source: New Jersey Law Journal, “Federal Suit Alleges Infant Contracted Salmonella From Contact With Dog Food,” Mary Pat Gallagher, May 29, 2012

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