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Company recalls about 1,400 boxes of dangerous tampons

Louisiana women may need to head out for a new box of tampons after personal health giant Kimberly-Clark recently issued a press release admitting responsibility for selling approximately 1,400 boxes of tampons contaminated with dangerous bacteria. According to the Huffington Post, tampons have tested positive for the bacterium Enterobacter sakazakii, which could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal infections or life-threatening illnesses. Other sources say the plastic tubing containing the bacteria could also cause urinary tract infections.

It is unclear how these tampons have become such unsafe products. The plastic tubing is produced outside of Kimberly-Clark, but it is uncertain if the tubing came in contact with the bacteria at the manufacturing plant, in transport or at a Kimberly-Clark location. The company has refused to release the name of the outside manufacturer with whom it works.

The company is claiming that there is a low-risk of infection, but women with cancer, HIV, AIDS, or those who are pregnant or have any type of illness or medical condition that compromises their immune system could be at greater risk of serious infection. The company has acknowledged the seriousness of its mistake and urges women that experience any symptoms after using a tampon to seek medical help.

Although it is unknown how the tampons became contaminated, it is clear that Kimberly-Clark is responsible for any injury or illness that develops from its products. Consumers should not have to fear that properly using a product will put them at risk for illness, injury or death, and when something does happen, the consumer should be able to hold the company liable for any damages suffered.

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