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Community remembers, mourns deputy’s death in Louisiana

Safe driving requires considerable focus and attention, and even the slightest distraction could change someone’s life forever. The family and friends a Louisiana police officer know just how true that is after the 41-year-old Calcasieu Deputy suffered severe injuries during a head-on car accident while on duty. The fatal accident has left many reeling in Louisiana.

The accident occurred when a 28-year-old man crossed the roadway’s center line while driving a Ford Focus on Louisiana Highway 1256 near Red Rose Drive, just outside of Lake Charles. Neither the officer, nor the driver of the Focus, was wearing a seat belt, according to police. The deputy was critically injured in the accident and was transported to a local hospital. He later died from his severe injuries.

The accident also snared two additional cars — a Dodge Stratus and Dodge pick-up truck. The 44- and 42-year-old drivers sustained minor injuries at the scene. According to reports, after the Focus’ collision with the deputy’s Ford Taurus, the Stratus rear-ended the deputy’s vehicle and traveled into the southbound lane. It then collided with the Dodge pick-up.

Currently, toxicology reports are being analyzed and police are continuing to investigate this tragic accident. It is unknown what caused the 28-year-old to travel into oncoming traffic, but police may charge the driver with more than just driving left of center and not wearing a seat belt at the conclusion of the investigation.

It is certainly difficult for any family to lose someone, but one of the most important things a family can do is to speak with a lawyer about how to file a wrongful death lawsuit. While taking legal action against the person who is responsible for a family member’s death may seem out of place during such a sad time, a lawyer can start the legal proceedings while the family has time to mourn.

Source: KPLC TV 7, “‘Heats heavy’ after deputy killed in crash,” Theresa Schmidt, Jan. 18, 2012

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