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Baton Rouge 18-wheeler causes seven-car crash, injures six

With the large number of trucks driving through Baton Rouge and Louisiana, it is important that truckers take the utmost care while driving. Failing to do so could cause serious accidents and result in severe injuries to the motorists with whom they share the road. In this story, around 6:00 a.m., the driver of an 18-wheeler who was traveling on Interstate 12 in the eastbound land near the O’Neal exit did not stay in the correct lane. By veering out of his lane, the driver crashed into the barricade after losing control of the vehicle.

During the crash, the 18-wheeler’s load of pipes spilled into the roadway directly in front of oncoming traffic, resulting in a 7-car accident. Between the seven cars, six people suffered injuries in the crash. Luckily, all of the injuries were non-life threatening.

The crash reportedly occurred in a construction zone, and a Louisiana trooper believes that the construction zone contributed to the crash. The trooper also claims that the driver should have known to slow down and been more alert in the area.

A citation was issued to the driver of the 18-wheeler

Not only were six people injured in this horrific accident, but road closures caused major delays, according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

As a professional driver, a trucker should know how to negotiate a construction zone while still maintaining control of his or her vehicle and its load. When a driver causes a serious accident, however, it calls into question the trucker’s driving leading up to the accident. For this driver, it seems that Louisiana law enforcement believes his careless driving was a major cause of the accident.

Source: 33 News, “18-wheeler causes 7 car crash, major delays,” David D’Aquin, Dec. 13, 2011

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